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Lovely scent

I love this bath bomb product, the Lavender scent is wonderful. Added CBD helps relaxation and relief, I use quite frequently.

Reordered twice already and will reorder again

I like the strength of these CBD gummies, they are very effective. I've tried other brands, these Greenflame gum are the highest quality and most effective so far!!

Superior Product

So many CBD gummies taste like pure sugar and have no effect. On reducing pain. Green Flame gummies are magnicent. They work!
I only need one gummie before exercising, mowing the lawn, working in yard, waking, etc. I have no muscle aches after activities and feel healthy and relaxed. They are definitely a healthy “go to.” I appreciate the high caliber of quality Green Flame Company exhibits in every product. They are a trustworthy company.

Life Changing Results

I won’t go on medication to help me sleep and I’ve tried CBD products for years to help me. THIS IS IT!!
I take a dropper 30 min before bed and another dropper when I go to bed. I sleep 4-5 hrs at a time, wake up, but go back to sleep 1-2 hrs. No more tossing & turning. I feel better, more relaxed, have more energy to live my life and even like the flavor of these CBD winterberry drops. I totally endorse this incredible product and feel full of gratitude I discovered it!



Incredibly, this is better then the previous gummy

This new gummy works incredibly well. I liked the old version of the green flame gummies but this new version is stronger and works quite a bit better for me than before. I'll definitely buy again

Actually works

Love this product. Glad to be able to purchase again. I would recommend people to try this and see the results for themselves.

Combo Life for Me!

I used to have to take a prescription sleeping pill. Now I pop a gummy and mix in some drops and call it an evening. This is the most effective cbd product I’ve used. I’ve purchased multiple times and gotten my mom hooked as well!

Phenomenal product

Best by far of any similar products I have tried. I would recommend to anyone. I suffer from Poly Neuropathy in my feet and this works.

I love these gummies. They always give me a feeling of relaxing, calm, even when I know I am not! Highly recommend. Fast shipping.

Actually works

Great product. I have used a few nights before bed and slept almost through the night which is not the norm for me hence the purpose of these drops.

I still have not received product.

Works amazing

I recently hurt my back and took all my pain away in 15 mins !


I have trouble sleeping at night works like a charm and helped with my back pain!

Elderberry + Zinc Immune Gummy Bears
Linda Scott

Just received them , thanks

Pain cream

It works fantastic!


Weight loss CBD COFFEE

CBD Gummy Bears (600mg)
Nicholas Nuño

CBD Gummy Bears (600mg)

Elderberry + Zinc Immune Gummy Bears
Denise Colina

My kids love these! And they are a fantastic price.

No more Tylenol or Advil

I always keep a jar of 600 mg CBD gummy on hand. I take two or three and any pain I am having dissipates. No side effects or stomach discomfort appears. This is a superior product

Elderberry + Zinc Immune Gummy Bears
Audrey Lafountain
eleder berry and zinc

I love my gummy bears with the vitamins I need


The Eucalyptus bath bombs are absolutely wonderful and are so great to have at this covid time in our lives. What bliss to lie in ones bath tub with the calming bath ball!

A wonderful product

The package with 2 small lavender bath balls and 2 small eucalyptus plus 2 large of each arrived several days ago. I have tried one of each they are absolutely fantastic - very soothing!

Sour CBD Gummy Bears (600mg)
Tersilda Alexander

I never received my order, I called your customer service 10/28, to say I'm still waiting !

Weight Loss CBD Coffee with Garcinia (100mg)

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